Saturday, 9 August 2014

Current/ Most Popular Hairstyles 2014

Hey Guys!
Hope you're all enjoying your summer, feeling refreshed? Yes? well that's great!

Right, so I've got something a little different for you today & it's a leap into the 'hurrr' world; if you know me, you'd know how much I love changing my hair (can never stick to one for too long lol). Here I'm just gonna briefly discuss the current/ most popular hairstyles atm.. So, here we go!

What's been 'Popping' lately?!

#Vixen Sew-in: A recent & very popular weave hairstyle that is convenient for those (like me) who like to change between different styles & have a good length hair.. as recent as this style is one that many have fell in love with quick.

- Just a few examples of how the Vixen looks, it doesn't even look like a weave does it?


- A beautiful full fringe vixen sew-in, courtesy of The Boss Look.

How natural does this look?

#Versatile Weave: Very similar look to the Vixen however,  includes a couple partings with the use of a lace closure to allow movement to do various styles such as a bun or half up, half down.
This is also a current look that has become popular for girls who choose to leave out less hair. 

  - A natural looking versatile curly weave, which was done with a lace closure (behind the hairline) courtesy of The Boss Look.
- example of the look.

#Bright Colours: Another weave 'look' that has been brought to trend as of recent, who knows maybe it's just a summer trend but for a few months now bright 'mermaid' weave (as people call it) has deffo been HOT!
A few are seen with a bright dip-dye, but the latest has been a full head bright colour with green/ blue being the most popular.

(Few of the current popular colours seen atm)

-Nqobile (CEO Dancers) rocking one of her latest bright hairstyles.

#Box Braids: This style has been in trend for a while actually, even amongst celebs.. e.g. our leading lady Keri Hilson... 

-Solange also rocking the braids well..

And since, many girls have fallen in love with this lovely look. Not only is it a simple hairstyle but is also great if you want to give your hair a rest from weave & also just to go for a more 'natural look'.

Well, that's all for now- until the next post. Feel free to comment below & let me know what you think! or any queries.
All images are courtesy of The Boss Look (accept those not mentioned) be sure to contact & check their instagram- thebosslook for all HOT hairstyles (you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for reading guys! :)