Wednesday, 2 July 2014

#BETAwards2014 Red Carpet Best & Worst Dressed

Hello everyone!

Yes I know, it's been so long since my last post & the only excuse I have is well.. I don't lol. No but seriously, I was meant to post a Spring haul but I have'nt got all my Spring/ Summer shopping done yet, but when I have it'll be up right away :)

So, this post is just my thoughts on the best & worst dressed at the BET awards this year...

#BETAwards2014 Red Carpet

It is quite expected for there to be some 'jaw-dropping' beautiful outfits at any red carpet, but it's also expected to see a few horrendous ones too..
Firstly, let me start with the BEST ones, these are just some of the outfits that really caught my eye.

#1 Adrienne Bailon 

Definitely one, if not the best dressed for me. I feel that her dress looks so elegant & she did'nt over do it, nice simple hairstyle to bring out the features.
The dress is a lovely fit which brings out her figure, so yup... GO ADRIENNE!!

#2 (Left-Right)
Eva Marcielle 
She worked itttt in this slim fit figure hugging dress, again, she looked very elegant posed on the red carpet with her gorgeous figure. The hairstyle did'nt really do much for me but it worked well bringing out her bone structure & also added simplicity to the look. Thumbs up!

Regina Hall
Hmm.. for me this was just 'decent' in regards to the rest but works well for her. The entire look suited her & had a nice fit.

Amber Rose
Once again, a beautiful look one a beautiful woman, as simple as it is it really made Amber Rose stand out, that's the trick with an all white outfit- can be so basic but look extremely elegant when styled correctly & this is exactly what she did. Thumbs up again!

 #3 Karrueche Tan
Well, she looked very nice! However, I feel that the bottom of the dress put it down a little, I love the top half and the hairstyle but its just the bottom. So I'd say the overall look was 'decent'.

 #4 Ashanti
I was'nt too sure where to put this one as i'm half half about it, I think the dress is nice but a smaller cut out would have made it look more elegant. Secondly, I was expecting a better hairstyle but overall the look is nice.

#5 Lola Monroe
Yasss! This I love, the dress is a lovely fit, not overdone with the trail but just right, and the hairstyle adds sophistication to the look with the lovely headpiece. Two thumbs up!
#Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer looks amazing with a slim figure I must say! Dress is simple yet nice & the hairstyle brings out the elegance, also showing her bone structure. Thumbs up again!

WORST Dressed...                                                    
 #1 Sevyn Streeter
For me, the dress & hairstyle was a fail. It just did'nt work for me. Maybe its just the bottom half that ruined it but yeah huge no no. Thumbs down!

                #2 (Left to right)
Usher, Keke Palmer & Nicki Minaj
Firstly, Usher- I personally did'nt understand the thing on his head, I think that's what killed it for me lol. Thumbs down.
Secondly, My girllll Keke :'( (if you know me you know Keke is my girl from dayy lol). But yeah, when I first saw instagram pictures I was thinking 'yasss gurl work it' but then.. watching the pre show I was disappointed :( I mean she looked nice, but the dress was a NO! Gotta have a word with her haha.
Then, The Nicki Minaj.. well I was'nt surprised that's a fact but the whole look- not feeling it. Thumbs down.
#3 Zendaya
To me, this was like a 'failed' Aaliyah impersonation... she looked nice but the outfit didn't work for me. So I say 50/50.

So, that's all for now.. feel free to share your opinions in the comment box. Next post will be a Spring/ Summer haul so look out for that.
Thanks for reading & have a lovely week guys :) x