Saturday, 9 August 2014

Current/ Most Popular Hairstyles 2014

Hey Guys!
Hope you're all enjoying your summer, feeling refreshed? Yes? well that's great!

Right, so I've got something a little different for you today & it's a leap into the 'hurrr' world; if you know me, you'd know how much I love changing my hair (can never stick to one for too long lol). Here I'm just gonna briefly discuss the current/ most popular hairstyles atm.. So, here we go!

What's been 'Popping' lately?!

#Vixen Sew-in: A recent & very popular weave hairstyle that is convenient for those (like me) who like to change between different styles & have a good length hair.. as recent as this style is one that many have fell in love with quick.

- Just a few examples of how the Vixen looks, it doesn't even look like a weave does it?


- A beautiful full fringe vixen sew-in, courtesy of The Boss Look.

How natural does this look?

#Versatile Weave: Very similar look to the Vixen however,  includes a couple partings with the use of a lace closure to allow movement to do various styles such as a bun or half up, half down.
This is also a current look that has become popular for girls who choose to leave out less hair. 

  - A natural looking versatile curly weave, which was done with a lace closure (behind the hairline) courtesy of The Boss Look.
- example of the look.

#Bright Colours: Another weave 'look' that has been brought to trend as of recent, who knows maybe it's just a summer trend but for a few months now bright 'mermaid' weave (as people call it) has deffo been HOT!
A few are seen with a bright dip-dye, but the latest has been a full head bright colour with green/ blue being the most popular.

(Few of the current popular colours seen atm)

-Nqobile (CEO Dancers) rocking one of her latest bright hairstyles.

#Box Braids: This style has been in trend for a while actually, even amongst celebs.. e.g. our leading lady Keri Hilson... 

-Solange also rocking the braids well..

And since, many girls have fallen in love with this lovely look. Not only is it a simple hairstyle but is also great if you want to give your hair a rest from weave & also just to go for a more 'natural look'.

Well, that's all for now- until the next post. Feel free to comment below & let me know what you think! or any queries.
All images are courtesy of The Boss Look (accept those not mentioned) be sure to contact & check their instagram- thebosslook for all HOT hairstyles (you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for reading guys! :)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

#BETAwards2014 Red Carpet Best & Worst Dressed

Hello everyone!

Yes I know, it's been so long since my last post & the only excuse I have is well.. I don't lol. No but seriously, I was meant to post a Spring haul but I have'nt got all my Spring/ Summer shopping done yet, but when I have it'll be up right away :)

So, this post is just my thoughts on the best & worst dressed at the BET awards this year...

#BETAwards2014 Red Carpet

It is quite expected for there to be some 'jaw-dropping' beautiful outfits at any red carpet, but it's also expected to see a few horrendous ones too..
Firstly, let me start with the BEST ones, these are just some of the outfits that really caught my eye.

#1 Adrienne Bailon 

Definitely one, if not the best dressed for me. I feel that her dress looks so elegant & she did'nt over do it, nice simple hairstyle to bring out the features.
The dress is a lovely fit which brings out her figure, so yup... GO ADRIENNE!!

#2 (Left-Right)
Eva Marcielle 
She worked itttt in this slim fit figure hugging dress, again, she looked very elegant posed on the red carpet with her gorgeous figure. The hairstyle did'nt really do much for me but it worked well bringing out her bone structure & also added simplicity to the look. Thumbs up!

Regina Hall
Hmm.. for me this was just 'decent' in regards to the rest but works well for her. The entire look suited her & had a nice fit.

Amber Rose
Once again, a beautiful look one a beautiful woman, as simple as it is it really made Amber Rose stand out, that's the trick with an all white outfit- can be so basic but look extremely elegant when styled correctly & this is exactly what she did. Thumbs up again!

 #3 Karrueche Tan
Well, she looked very nice! However, I feel that the bottom of the dress put it down a little, I love the top half and the hairstyle but its just the bottom. So I'd say the overall look was 'decent'.

 #4 Ashanti
I was'nt too sure where to put this one as i'm half half about it, I think the dress is nice but a smaller cut out would have made it look more elegant. Secondly, I was expecting a better hairstyle but overall the look is nice.

#5 Lola Monroe
Yasss! This I love, the dress is a lovely fit, not overdone with the trail but just right, and the hairstyle adds sophistication to the look with the lovely headpiece. Two thumbs up!
#Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer looks amazing with a slim figure I must say! Dress is simple yet nice & the hairstyle brings out the elegance, also showing her bone structure. Thumbs up again!

WORST Dressed...                                                    
 #1 Sevyn Streeter
For me, the dress & hairstyle was a fail. It just did'nt work for me. Maybe its just the bottom half that ruined it but yeah huge no no. Thumbs down!

                #2 (Left to right)
Usher, Keke Palmer & Nicki Minaj
Firstly, Usher- I personally did'nt understand the thing on his head, I think that's what killed it for me lol. Thumbs down.
Secondly, My girllll Keke :'( (if you know me you know Keke is my girl from dayy lol). But yeah, when I first saw instagram pictures I was thinking 'yasss gurl work it' but then.. watching the pre show I was disappointed :( I mean she looked nice, but the dress was a NO! Gotta have a word with her haha.
Then, The Nicki Minaj.. well I was'nt surprised that's a fact but the whole look- not feeling it. Thumbs down.
#3 Zendaya
To me, this was like a 'failed' Aaliyah impersonation... she looked nice but the outfit didn't work for me. So I say 50/50.

So, that's all for now.. feel free to share your opinions in the comment box. Next post will be a Spring/ Summer haul so look out for that.
Thanks for reading & have a lovely week guys :) x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

...Is that a new dress you ask?

Hey guys!
It's been so long since my last post 'Ikr', I've been too busy with Uni work and all that I just haven't had the time sadly.. but now first year is over so I can reunite with my beloved blog!

So... the final term ended with a classy event organised to end it with a blast 'Deuces' haha, so of course I had to get a new outfit and here it is..

I went for this white dress which I loveee!

Dress: (check them out girls they've got some gorgeous stuff!)
Heels: JustFab (Ngl these heels killed! Took them off so many times & they're supposed to be a size 7:/ but they look lovely, leopard print around the front with a red heel.
Clutch, Necklace & Earrings: New Look
Bracelet: Forever21

(Heels are a bit clearer here)

- Photos taken by my friend Mazina :)

Well, that's all for now.. I'll have some more posts up soon after I've done my Spring retail therapy.. Anything else you'd like to see just leave a comment..
Have a lovely Easter guys :) x

Monday, 3 March 2014

Oscar's 2014 Best Dressed..

Hey everyone!
New month, new post.. so today's post is going to be about the 86th Oscar Awards that took place yesterday (as you all probably know).

I saw sooo many pictures all over my twitter this morning of the gorgeous outfits celebs wore, so of course I just thought to share my best dressed ones with you guys.
Here it goes...

1) Lupita Nyong'o

 Firstly, I think this woman is naturally beautiful, I mean its not all the time you see a beautiful black female rocking short natural hair- yet Lupita does it so well! Bone structure, everything is just perfect!
But yeah.. onto the dress- extremely elegant! She styled this long Prada gown wonderfully.

I believe Lupita was definitely the best dressed female actress..

And again, when she received the award for 'Best actress in a supporting role' -quoting; "No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid".

2) Kerry Washington

I wasn't really wowed by this dress, but I did think she looked lovely and she's embracing her baby bump well so yeah..
Dress designed by Jason Wu (First time designing a dress for the Oscars).

Last but not least..
So saving the best to last (as you can probably tell).. They honestly just smashed  it, amazing hair, make up & outfits *claps*.

Khloe & Kim looked the best for me but even Kourtney worked it in the tuxedo.

Kim must have made a huge entrance wearing this red gown by Celia Kritharioti, but honestly my expression was 'Wow!' when I saw this outfit..
And as you can see Kris in the back looking good as well!
 My FAV Kardashian- Khloe looked amazing!! I love the colour burgundy and she made it look so good wearing this velvet gown, well done to the designer!
Beautiful smiles!

Jut got to love the Kardashians :) 

That's all for now! Thanks again for reading.. feel free to comment with your opinions or anything.. I should have a  few more posts coming up very soon :)

Have a lovely week,
Hannah x

Friday, 21 February 2014

My Travel Article

Sound, Within Ones Soul

By Hannah Williams

Have you ever thought about how noise could have such an impact on the environment?

Growing up in the quiet area of Essex, for me this holiday was a movie unfolding. The music blasting in your ears, police sirens and car horns echoing from afar; this was just a normal day in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Travelling there with family during summer a few years back, I was filled with excitement to finally experience the culture I had grown up hearing about. Largest city in Nigeria and also the former capital until 1991, with Abuja becoming the capital on the 12th December 1991. It has a diverse and on-growing population.


Lagos Surroundings
  The glistening, bright cobalt sky and radiant sun directing heat onto the skin is a factor you struggle to bear but the view of big & beautiful houses, extravagant attractions and the eye-catching, colourful attire of by-passers leaves you in awe. At this point heat was the least of my worries- as we made our way to Victoria island smelling fried chicken & charcoal from the side markets with the few wafts of petrol.

This all transformed to a cool breeze of fresh air which slapped us in the face as we landed on the island, surrounded by expensive hotels and huge shopping districts, the view of the beach was what caught my eye- Bar beach.


Bar Beach Island


Sweeping your feet along the scorching sand, whilst the soles of your feet become dry and rusty- the essence of the earthly surroundings and appealing views are what take compassion in the minds of individuals- well, in my case that is.

Whilst embracing the mainland viewings one is able to witness the borders of Ikoyi shining bright in the rare; the most affluent neighbourhood in Lagos with a mix of 4* hotels and 2 main estates. We were lucky enough to pass along the hectic way of Awolowo road (high street filled with shops & boutiques) quicker than expected.

  The extreme ‘hold-up’ forces drivers to leave cars at bay, loud hooting of horns and the shouting of impatient individuals yelling at each other through car windows continues to ring in your ears. After an hour, we finally reached our destination- The National Museum, where history begins.


Nigerian National Museum

Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed inside- such a shame, as there was so much to see. Fascinated by the many ethnicities that surrounded in this one museum, surely took me by surprise, I guess this was due to the fact that Nigeria contains more historic cultures & empires than any other nation in Africa.

Inside, the attraction of Nigerian art and sculptures leaves people feeling mesmerised at the historical aspects the platforms set- several different aspirations built around the information captured.

  Once heading back into the market, the continuous smell of charcoal burning was what flew into my nostrils; and of course I could not resist but to help myself to a piece of suya (fried spicy chicken), the hot pepper sizzling on the tip of your tongue has you quickly engulfing a sachet of ice cold water like never before.

This was the usual procedure in the blazing heat of Lagos; by this stage any bit of breeze would take you into a deep meditation.
 So, now the end had come, the time to revisit the destination of reality. As we landed the cool winds circulated on my bare skin with the peaceful views and aroma lurking from afar.

Back to Essex, where quietness reigns.


  Lagos is a port and the most populous city in Nigeria. It is the second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world. The population of Lagos according to the Lagos State Government, was 17.5 million. Wikipedia
   Area: 999.6 km²
  Weather: 26°C, Wind S at 8 mph (13 km/h), 83% Humidity
  Population: 5.195 million (1991)
This was a piece of coursework done for one of my modules at uni (was told we had to publish it on our blog) my first travel article so its not great! Any feedback is more than welcome.
Thanks for reading & have a great weekend guys :)
Hannah x

Monday, 17 February 2014

'The Day of Love' Look..


What a beautiful day right? A day to show your loved ones your appreciation, whether you're in a relationship or not..

February 14th 2014, I was taken to a gorgeous hotel in West London called Ramada Encore followed by a Lebanese restaurant for dinner, very nice food!

So, here's the look of the day..

Heels- Kurtgeiger (on sale for £29- link below)
Clutch- Primark
Jewellery- Forever21
And some more pictures just because.. lol :)

My photographer (boyfriend) did a pretty good job I thought.. But yeah as much as I loved the Kurt Geiger heels, they hurt SO bad! I could'nt even wear them to dinner or I would have just ended up with blisters all over my feet.
The website I got them from- has gorgeous designer heels however for very cheap prices, so ladies get shopping!
Even though the weather REALLY wasn't good I had the best day!

Brief feature of the mister all suited & booted :)

Well, that's all for now.. Thanks again for reading guys making a promise to myself as of today to post regularly (every 2 weeks), just comment below with what you would like to see as I'd like to change it up a bit so all suggestions would be much appreciated.

That's all & remember keep loving! :) x

Monday, 27 January 2014

My most inspirational female celebrity..


When I initially thought about what female celebrity inspired me the most the two women that came to mind were Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie but after considering the effect Oprah had/ or has on many people around the world (not just myself) I just knew that this woman was and still is a very influential character.

Brief summary of Oprah (Just incase you may not know)

- Born January 29, 1954 (age 59)
-American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer & philanthropist. Best known for her winning talk show 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', which is viewed by many.
-Ranked richest African-American in the 20th century.
- Called "one of the most influential people in the world" by TIME.

For me, Oprah Winfrey inspires me for many reasons however, the main thing that has a big impact on me is how she has always considered the sacrifice of the men and women in the civil rights movement. Setting up many different charities and foundations for the less fortunate women and children and also striving to help others, these points and many more are the reasons why Oprah Winfrey is an inspiration for me.

More information about her life and achievements on her blog:

This post was a little task for one of my modules at uni, also a brief insight about my inspiration.. thanks again for reading & feel free to share & comment :)

Grammy Awards 2014 Red Carpet (Best Dressed)

Evening everyone :)

So as you all probably know the 56th Grammy Awards were shown live yesterday (Well in America lol) but I managed to watch a bit of it online and of course I paid most of my attention to what the celebrities wore..
Some very unusual outfits I must say but hey, you always need a good laugh sometimes haha.

So for me I have say the best dressed female was Ciara, she just looked absolutely stunning with her bump in a long-sleeved dress by Emilio Pucci, she most definitely worked it well!
Ciara- Grammy Awards 2014

Secondly, is Beyonce I believe as usual she looked gorgeous in a white lace gown by Michael Costello (however her hair did not match the beauty of the dress), this dress was a lovely fit on her and expressed her elegance.
Beyonce- Grammy Awards 2014
And Finally, Taylor Swift who is the last of my top three looked just as beautiful as usual in a lovely yet simple dress by Gucci, I think this dress was so right for Taylor as it was'nt too much or too little.
Taylor Swift- Grammy Awards 2014

So, that's all for now.. these are just the 3 main celeb's that caught my eye however there were a few males who looked good too such as, Robin Thicke & John Legend.

Thanks for reading guys, feel free to comment below with your opinions I always love to know what people think :)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

MINI HAUL (Cont...)

Forever 21
Linzi Shoes  (Got these a while ago, but I haven't decided how to style them)
Well, that's all for now.. I'll definitely keep posting regularly (hoping to get a camera soon) if there is anything you'd like to see or any questions feel free to comment below, any suggestions are more than appreciated :)
Thanks guys x


Happy New Year All!
As this is my first post of the new year, I thought I'd do a 2in1 and put an ootd and a mini haul together :)
So yesterday, I came back to uni after the Christmas break (well not really a 'break' as I was doing coursework & revision) and I put this outfit together...

Here I put this vintage shirt I bought a while ago from a stall in Coventry, only for £5, I know AMAZING!!! Ha, can't say no to a good bargain.. paired with Topshop Joni jeans which I absolutely love!


Now, on to the mini haul.. as you should all know January sales just started and of course I had to treat myself :) So I went shopping and got a few bits..
H&M (Only spent £25 on all 3 items!)

Topshop Joni Jeans

Topshop (Front)