Monday, 17 February 2014

'The Day of Love' Look..


What a beautiful day right? A day to show your loved ones your appreciation, whether you're in a relationship or not..

February 14th 2014, I was taken to a gorgeous hotel in West London called Ramada Encore followed by a Lebanese restaurant for dinner, very nice food!

So, here's the look of the day..

Heels- Kurtgeiger (on sale for £29- link below)
Clutch- Primark
Jewellery- Forever21
And some more pictures just because.. lol :)

My photographer (boyfriend) did a pretty good job I thought.. But yeah as much as I loved the Kurt Geiger heels, they hurt SO bad! I could'nt even wear them to dinner or I would have just ended up with blisters all over my feet.
The website I got them from- has gorgeous designer heels however for very cheap prices, so ladies get shopping!
Even though the weather REALLY wasn't good I had the best day!

Brief feature of the mister all suited & booted :)

Well, that's all for now.. Thanks again for reading guys making a promise to myself as of today to post regularly (every 2 weeks), just comment below with what you would like to see as I'd like to change it up a bit so all suggestions would be much appreciated.

That's all & remember keep loving! :) x

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  1. You both look great!
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster award! The purpose of this award is to nominate emerging bloggers. Please click the link to my blog to answer the questions I have asked you! I look forward to reading your responses xxx