Wednesday, 24 June 2015

3 P's: Patience, Positivity & Perseverance

The Google definition of Patience states that it is 'the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.'
Yes, being patient isn't easy, whatever the situation, in fact it is very hard in fact, but something I have definitely learnt through my journey with Christ is the importance of patience- which comes with trusting and having faith in God. (Psalm 27:14)
I mentioned this in a previous post, however, daily I'm constantly reminded about the significance of God's timing. You may want God to bless you in a certain way and you want it done instantly but God, however, the one that knows what is best for us and WHEN it is best plans to deliver this request at a later time; this time which could be tomorrow, next week or next year, due to the main fact that he already knows the right timing in our lives. But during this wait we as humans become impatient, anxious, tired etc. which then leads to the misinterpretation that God has not heard your prayers or he does not want to answer your request, which is not true. He is just preparing us for the right appointed time.
For me, patience is something I'm working on, I've gone through many stages where I'll pray every day for one particular request that is so important for me and I'll get so annoyed that I haven't got it. I'll be questioning myself like "How long am I meant to wait?"... "I've prayed every day, what's going on?" Blah blah blah... And this is due to the lack of understanding God's timing. This, therefore, clarifies the importance of patience, even if it isn't related to Gods timing, having patience and taking your time to pursue something makes a huge difference.

2. Positivity- Urban dictionary defines this as 'Positivity is staying positive even when you find a really good reason to be negative.'
Now, we all go through hard times, situations that depress us etc. but one thing I've grown to understand is that you will NOT remain in that situation forever, once you have that belief that God can turn your situation around he surely can and WILL! (John 14: 12-14).
Positivity comes with having continuous remembrance that 'There is always light at the end of the tunnel'- Don't want to repeat what was said in my last post but basically know that the tunnel = the trials, stress, downfalls etc. however, when you pick yourself up and allow God to strengthen you and get you through it all a light will be shining very soon for you to see, this light being your breakthrough (Isaiah 41:10).
'Positive thoughts breed positive outcomes'- believe that your blessing is on its way, have faith in God and think positively and you'll begin to notice the effect it has towards you.

3. Perseverance- 'Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.'
Using this as my last point to round up; many people give up accomplishing their aims in life due to downfalls and stress which they cannot handle, but it is important to remember that persistence is key. You can't achieve anything if you don't have determination to, so despite all problems you may face you still fight through and wait on God to turn all your worries around, this is Perseverance! Everyone's success starts from somewhere, you may admire someone's outcome in their achievements not knowing the hard work and effort that was put in to get them there.
So if you want to achieve something, have persistence & strive to do it. There will be twists & turns but be patient, positive & persevere, God will surely take control! (Matthew 11: 28-20). 

Thanks for reading & hope it helps :)
(Something that reached out to me)